The Lakewood Nature Reserve retarding basin plays a crucial role in managing storm water. When heavy rain occurs, the retarding basin embankment holds back storm water and slowly releases it downstream, reducing flood risk to residents and businesses.

​We have done essential upgrade works on the Lakewood Nature Reserve retarding basin to ensure it continues to reduce flood risk for the community.

What happened 

Work started November 2016 and included:

  • construction of a filter diaphragm around the outlet pipe

  • raising of the embankment crest to increase embankment capacity

  • localised hardening of the embankment  to reduce risk of collapse and failure

  • construction of a filter trench along the top of the embankment

  • upgrade of shared user path on top of the embankment

  • some tree removal at the far end of the embankment


Works started mid November 2016 and was completed end of March 2017.

Last updated:
13 February 2018