Melbourne Water have delivered upgrade works to the Kilsyth Main Drain Retarding Basin, located within the Dorset Recreational Reserve at Croydon. The upgrade works ensure the retarding basin continues to reduce the risk of flooding to the community.

This work is now complete, watch our video "Melbourne Water Retarding Basin Program".

Why are we upgrading the Kilsyth Main Drain retarding basin?

Melbourne Water has over 200 retarding basins that we regularly assess for risks, conduct maintenance on, and upgrade as necessary. The Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) guidelines represents the best Australian and international engineering practice in the safe design, management and operation of dams. We use these guidelines to manage our retarding basins. The Kilsyth Main Drain retarding basin has recently been assessed against the ANCOLD guidelines. This assessment has shown that upgrade works are necessary to ensure the retarding basin continues to reduce flood risk and operate safely for the community. 

Watch our video "The ANCOLD guidelines".

Scope of works:

  • Removal of trees, root ball excavation and backfill of embankment
  • Filter trench excavation and backfill
  • Filter drain outlet installation
  • Filter diaphragm installation around existing outlet conduit
  • Embankment hardening (Geoweb installation)
  • Embankment crest capping

Map showing Retarding Basin work within Dorset Recreation Reserve


An extensive revegetation process will be implemented now that the works are completed. Trees and shrubs will be planted with the Retarding Basin (away from the embankment).

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Last updated:
30 July 2019