Kew Pumping Station sewer relining project


As part of the ongoing Sewer Relining Program, Melbourne Water will upgrade and rehabilitate five existing sewer pipelines that run from the Kew Pumping Station and under the Eastern Freeway in Kew East. 

What is happening 

Melbourne Water is committed to enhancing life and liveability across local communities, that’s why we’re upgrading five rising main sewer pipelines that transfer sewage from the Kew Pumping Station to the South East Trunk Sewer in Kew East. 

These vital sewer lines underneath the Eastern Freeway were built in the early 1970s, before the freeway was complete, and consist of five rising main sewer lines – three smaller (762mm) pipes and two larger (1143mm) pipes.

Inspections of these sewer pipelines showed the concrete inside to be deteriorating, exposing some of the steel reinforcing and needing repair. The sewer will be relined using a ‘spiral wound-in-place’ methodology. Other works will also be done to modify the manhole (SET027) under the Burke Road city-bound on-ramp, as well as enabling works at the Kew Pumping Station.

By completing these essential works, the five sewer pipelines will continue to play a key role in Melbourne’s sewerage network for decades to come and significantly reduce the risk of leaks, cracks or even collapse.

Working with our construction partner John Holland-KBR Joint Venture to deliver this project, some of the activities to be undertaken include:

  • Sewer relining works – one sewer line will be taken offline at a time to ensure continuous operation of sewerage services.
  • A temporary site set-up at Manhole SET027, with a temporary access track laid down from Old Burke Road to Manhole SET027.
  • Rehabilitation of existing equipment and installation of new equipment at the Kew Pumping Station.
  • Testing and commissioning of relined sewer pipes and equipment.
  • Site removal and reinstatement works at Manhole SET027. 

Where it is happening

The five rising main sewers to be relined connect the Kew Pumping Station (KPS), located on the northern side of the Eastern Freeway in Kew East, to the South East Trunk Sewer manhole (SET027) on the southern side of the freeway – behind residential properties on Old Burke Road and beneath the Burke Road city-bound on-ramp. 

Access to each sewer line to complete this project will be via Manhole SET027; as such, the project team will need to set-up a small, temporary construction site near this manhole. 

The local community can expect to see a temporary access track established through parkland from a Boroondara Council gate at the corner of Burke Road and Old Burke Road. Once complete, Melbourne Water will return the parkland around Manhole SET027 to the same condition to which it was found.

The map below shows the location of the Kew Pumping Station, the five existing sewer lines and Manhole SET027 in relation to the Eastern Freeway and Burke Road.


Stage   Estimated timing Description Status
Site investigations and functional designs Early 2018 Locating underground service
Understanding ground conditions
Indicative design for project delivery
Procurement Mid to late 2018 Project is put to tender
Preferred construction partner is chosen
Detailed design and methodology selection Late 2018  Further investigations on-site to determine final relining methodology Complete
Site mobilisation and enabling works Mid 2019 Set-up of site office
Machinery and equipment delivered to site
Minor early works to enable main construction activities
Construction starts Mid-September 2019 Main construction activity to reline the sewer lines Upcoming
Relining works complete March 2020 Sewer relined
Demobilisation of site offices
Final reinstatement of site around Manhole SET027
Project complete

Impacts to the community

At Melbourne Water we understand the need and importance of working with the local community when delivering infrastructure improvements. Throughout this project, we will keep local residents and businesses regularly updated of works planned and what impacts are likely to be expected.

Some of these impacts may include odour from the sewer and the relining materials, noise from works (including from machinery) and vibration. An odour and noise management plan has been developed to reduce these impacts on the community.

Some of these impacts may include odour from the sewer and the relining materials, noise from works (including from machinery) and vibration. An odour and noise management plan will be developed to reduce these impacts on the community.

During construction it is expected work hours will be 7am until 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Some night works may be required to complete relining, with residents to be notified well in advance.

Any vegetation impacts, including tree trimming, will comply with Melbourne Water’s Tree & Vegetation Management policy, developed to ensure construction projects mitigate against any negative environmental impacts. 

Melbourne Water thanks the local community for their patience as we carry out these essential relining works that will help to secure and strengthen the sewerage network.

Why is this project important?

The five rising main sewer pipelines requiring relining play a vital role in Melbourne’s sewer network, helping transfer sewage from the Kew Pumping Station to the South East Trunk Sewer and onto the Eastern Treatment Plant. 

By transferring sewage through the Kew Pumping Station, Melbourne Water is able to relieve the pressures placed on the sewerage system across Melbourne’s north and inner west; this includes being able to reduce the amount of sewage traveling through the ageing North Yarra Sewer pipeline.

By undertaking this project now, Melbourne Water is helping to reduce the risk of any cracks, leaks or collapse of the sewer lines running under one of Melbourne’s most important arterial roads. Mitigating against this risk will ensure sewage can continue to be transferred safely and effectively for many years to come.  

Your feedback

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this project, please get in touch via:

  • Phone:   1800 955 166 (toll free)
  • Email:     [email protected] (business hours only)

Keeping you informed

We will keep local residents and businesses informed about planned works through bulletins, newsletters, direct letters or notifications, door knocks, site signage, webpage and social media updates. 

Last updated:
26 September 2019