We will carry out waterway improvement works including woody weed removal and revegetation along a 1.3km reach of Merri Creek from Queens Parade in Fawkner to Bakers Road in Coburg North.

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What’s happening and when

The works include the removal of weed species followed by revegetation.

The weed removal will start in March 2017 and will be followed by revegetation in Autumn 2017 with over 2000 plants.

Some of the large weeping willows are scheduled for removal as part of this project. A number of these trees are reaching the end of their natural lifespan and need to be removed for safety reasons, as well as for the environmental health benefits listed below.

After consultation with the community, a number of the mature Weeping Willows will not be removed as part of this project to retain the shade and amenity benefits along the waterway while the newly planted vegetation is immature.

This project is part of wider planning for the area and the east bank (left hand bank) will be part of future capital improvement works.

Why these works are important

Willow trees, poplars, peppercorns, elms and desert ash and other species targeted are considered environmental weeds in Victoria and there are strong environmental reasons for their removal. Willows in particular pose a serious threat to our waterways.

Replacing non-native vegetation with indigenous plants will help to:

  • improve the health of the creek environment
  • improve the amenity of the creek
  • foster biodiversity
  • create better habitat for platypus, fish, frogs, insects, birds and other wildlife

A more continuous corridor of vegetation along Merri Creek will also improve the visual amenity of this area for the enjoyment of the local community.

Impacts on residents, visitors and usage

Sections of the shared Merri Creek Trail will be temporarily detoured at times during the tree removal works in 2017, to ensure the safety of our work crews and the community.

All path disruptions will be limited to occur during to the hours between 8am to 3.30pm to minimise inconvenience to commuters.


Last updated:
14 February 2018