Melbourne Water is committed to providing Melbournians with world-class water infrastructure. To deliver on this commitment, we will be constructing the Holden Reservoir pipeline, to supply residents and businesses in Melbourne’s developing outer west region with a reliable and safe water supply.

Project scope

The new Holden Reservoir pipeline will be approximately three kilometres long and will travel along the centre road reserve of Melton Highway, westbound from Antionetta Way in Hillside and across to the north side of Sanctuary Road. See map below for pipeline location.


  • Complete - site investigation
  • Mid 2019 - site mobilisation
  • Mid 2019 - construction will commence and will take approximately 10 months to complete. Works will take place between Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturdays 7am to 6pm. We will notify you in advance if any works take place outside of these hours.
  • Mid 2020 - commissioning 

Construction impacts

Significant planning has gone into developing a pipeline alignment which meets water supply demands while reducing the environmental and community impacts. However, some construction impacts are unavoidable and will be managed by the project team in conjunction with Melton Council, VicRoads and the local community.

Traffic impacts

There will be changes to traffic conditions when we need to install the pipeline across the Melton Highway and intersecting roads.

The new pipeline will cross four intersections along Melton Highway, including:

  • Banchory Avenue
  • Gourlay Road
  • Royal Crescent
  • Sanctuary Road

Crossing these intersections will involve road closures. We will schedule these works to take place during off-peak periods, where possible. We will provide further written notification and erect signage in advance of any road closures or out of hours works.

Access to local residences and businesses will be maintained throughout construction.

Tree removal and offset planting

Melbourne Water has made every effort to reduce the number of trees that need to be removed as a result of the construction works. Unfortunately, some trees and vegetation will be removed in the centre and northern reserves of the Melton Highway. We are working closely with Melton City Council to develop an offset planting scheme specific to the area.

Future works

This project is the first phase of a three part overarching project. In the future, we will be constructing a new reservoir on vacant land on the north side of Melton Highway called the Holden Reservoir. This new pipeline will feed water into the reservoir from the Greenvale –Sydenham water transfer system. Finally, an outlet pipeline will be built.

Further information

Your feedback

We value your feedback. If you wish to contact us with your comments or for more information relating to the Holden Reservoir Pipeline project, please contact:

Last updated:
10 October 2019