In August 2016, we started work to upgrade the Freeway Reserve retarding basin to ensure it continues to operate safely and reduce the risk of flooding in the local community.

What happened

The Freeway Reserve retarding basin plays a crucial role in managing storm water in your area. When heavy rain occurs, the retarding basin embankment holds back storm water and slowly releases it downstream, reducing flood risk to the community.

Works involved:

  • removal of all trees and shrubs from the embankment and spillway
  • construction of an internal sand filter layer to prevent erosion occurring through the embankment
  • replacement of the grates and safety rails at the existing low level outlet
  • installation of water level detection and telemetry equipment

Tree and shrub removal was required prior to the majority of upgrade works on the embankment, this element of work started in September 2016.

Last updated:
14 February 2018