The works were part of the final stages of the renewal of the M9 (Preston to North Essendon) and M102 (North Essendon to Footscray). The sections renewed run around and through the Essendon Airport. They connect to the North Essendon Reservoir site which contains five large tanks.

What happened

The works involved installing a new pipeline to replace the existing sections of original M102 and M9 main. The new M9 (M102 inlet) runs within airport land along the eastern and northern perimeters of the boundary parallel to Arvon Road and Lebanon Street. The replaced pipeline connects to the M9 which is located in the road reserve in Arvon Road and Dagonet Street. Other residential streets near the works include Jones Court and Peck Avenue.

Why this project was important

The M102 and M9 water mains provide water for Melbourne homes and businesses in the inner city and western and northern suburbs. The water mains were renewed to ensure continued optimal performance, without leaks or bursts, and to service future demand requirements for the next 150 years.

Last updated:
6 April 2018