The Alexandra Parade main drain was built in the 1850s and is a bluestone u-shaped channel that runs in part under the Alexandra Parade central median between Nicholson and Gold Streets in Fitzroy.

We will be working between Wellington and Smith Streets until July 2018. 

The drain is covered by a concrete deck that is in poor condition in some sections and needs to be replaced.

What's happening and when

Approximately 400 metres of decking covering the main drain needs to be replaced. Some other sections have already been replaced during repair works in the mid 1990s.

The work began in October 2017 and is expected to be finished by early July 2018.

We are repairing some sections of the concrete roof covering the Alexandra Parade main drain under the Alexandra Parade median. The drain takes away stormwater so that the old flood plain isn’t inundated during heavy rain.

Alexandra Parade main drain redecking - transcript

Impacts on local residents and visitors

With all major projects within residential areas, we do anticipate some potential impacts including:

  • tree and vegetation removal to undertake works
  • narrowed lanes on Alexandra Parade  and temporary right-hand turn, lane closures at times and traffic disruptions to accommodate construction and vehicles entering and leaving the site
  • dust and noise
  • disruption to tram services travelling over Alexandra Parade on Smith Street

Hours of work

To expedite the project, works may take place on a 24/7 basis. Local business and residents will be advised of working hours ahead of construction.  

Work site

Our work zone will be fenced off for safety. Typical machinery on site will include excavators, small trucks, concrete trucks and pumps, skip bins and light vehicles. There will also be cranes to lift machinery and concrete slabs in and out of the work area.


Dust may be created due to the works and will be managed on site with water suppression, regular monitoring and cleaning.


Noise will be generated during construction times from activities such as excavation, concrete breaking and truck and machinery movement.


Due to our works at times there will be temporary changes to traffic arrangements along Alexandra Parade. These changes will be advised in advance and traffic management will be in place.

Why this project is important

The Alexandra Parade main drain carries storm water from inner city suburbs to the Merri Creek to reduce potential flooding in the local area.

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Last updated:
17 October 2018