Update on work to protect Stony Creek after factory fire

Melbourne Water staff remain onsite at Stony Creek to man pumps removing water impacted by the factory fire in West Footscray.

A significant amount of runoff from the site of the fire has entered Stony Creek causing discolouration, contamination and odour of the water.

Melbourne Water operational staff have been onsite at Stony Creek since Thursday morning. Pumps have been in operation at the site since early Thursday afternoon and ran throughout the night.

Melbourne Water has so far removed approximately 30 million litres of affected water from the creek.

Water is still being taken out of the creek and pumping is expected to continue overnight and into the weekend.

Pumps have been installed at three sites along Stony Creek, Cruickshank Park in West Footscray, further downstream near Francis Street and a third site on Stony Creek just before it runs under Williamstown Rd.

Melbourne Water also installed a number of booms to capture as much debris, oil and foam as possible.

Sadly, a number of fish and eels in Stony Creek have died. Local birdlife has also been affected.

Signage is in place at Stony Creek to advise the community to avoid coming into contact with the water. This includes not allowing pets to enter or drink the water in the creek.

We’re continuing to work in partnership with the relevant authorities including the EPA and MFB to manage the impacts from the fire.

For further information, please contact the EPA on 1300 372 84 or visit www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-us/news-centre/news-and-updates