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Stopping litter at the source? Students say it’s a wrap!

When students from Lynbrook Primary School went looking for the source of rubbish in neighbouring Pattersons Creek, they didn’t have to search too far. 

The students discovered, while carrying out an extensive audit as part of Melbourne Water’s `Litter Action’ program, that much of the creek litter was coming from their own school grounds.

To combat this, students workshopped a number of ideas to get the message out about the impact that littering could have on their local ecosystems.

“The students had a wonderful idea to wrap all of the bins across the school with pictures of native animals that can be affected by contamination in our creeks and wetlands,” Melbourne Water Waterwatch Coordinator Dr Teresa Mackintosh said.

The students’ concept was brought to life by a local Melbourne artist Lucienne Noontil.

She created panels featuring a variety of native animals that would appeal to students – including frogs, bilbys, emus, kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras - helping to remind pupils to bin their litter. 

“Using the slogan ‘Bin it for me’, the artwork on the bins acts as a reminder that the way we dispose of waste has a real impact on the health of our environment,” Dr Mackintosh said.

Teresa Macintosh with Lynbrook P.S students and artist
Melbourne Water Waterwatch Coordinator Dr Teresa Mackintosh (left), Melbourne artist Lucienne Noontil (right) with Lynbrook Primary School students with a rubbish bin lined with one of the special wraps featuring native animals.

“Litter is a problem for the whole community. It is everyone’s responsibility to do their bit and bin their litter.

Melbourne Water is committed to working with schools and the wider community to reduce litter in our waterways.”  

Lynbrook Primary School principal Graeme Vance said the students involved had whole heartedly embraced the project and were committed to getting the school community on board.

“Pattersons Creek is an important part of our local environment. It is fantastic to see the commitment and enthusiasm of our children to keeping it litter free for all to enjoy,” Mr Vance said.

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