Protecting our water supply: Remaking by-law 1

Melbourne enjoys some of the highest quality and most affordable drinking water in the world, ensured by our protected water catchments and a world class water system. Our protected catchments are closed to the public, preventing contamination of our drinking water and consequently reducing the requirement for expensive treatment.

Regulation of access to critical parcels of land and water supply assets, including Melbourne’s closed water supply catchments, is critical to the ability to supply safe, reliable drinking water to Melbourne.

By-Law No.1 Water Supply Protection provides Melbourne Water with the power to regulate access to critical parcels of land and water supply assets. The purpose and the general purport of the by-law is to: 

  1. control access to certain land, water and works under the management and control of Melbourne Water Corporation for the purposes of protecting the water catchment or water supply system; and
  2. prevent pollution and of or damage to certain land, water or works forming part of Melbourne Water Corporation’s water catchment or water supply system; and
  3. provide for their  the  care, protection and management of land, water and works owned by, vested in, or under the control or management of Melbourne Water Corporation for the purpose of discharging its water supply functions under the Water Act 1989; and
  4. provide for the publication of notices setting out the land, areas and works that are subject to access or activity prohibitions provided for in the by-law.

By-Law No 1 is subject to compulsory sunsets clauses and its operation was extended in January 2018 for a period of 8 months. To continue to be able to regulate access and protect the closed catchments and critical water supply assets Melbourne Water intends to remake the by-law.

You can learn more about the Water Act and related by-laws at our webpage. The new proposed by-law can be viewed here

Melbourne Water is inviting written submissions on the proposed by-law. All submissions must be received no later than 4pm 11 June 2018. Send submissions to:

By-law Submissions

Melbourne Water

PO Box 4342

MELBOURNE Victoria 3001

Email: [email protected]