Our new customer focused website is here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new, customer focused website!

Our new website is the first step towards transforming the way we do business, laying the foundations for a better digital customer experience now and in the future.

Our website is now mobile responsive, allowing you to easily access information and services, via your smart phone or tablet.

As well as changing the look and feel of our website, we’ve made many other improvements so our website is easier for you to use.

Easy to find information

We've worked with our online customers to better understand how they use our site, and what would make it easier for them to find information. They've helped us sort the content so that information is easy to find:

  • Water storage information on every page
  • Top customer tasks on homepage and listed in the navigation
  • Content structure more logical for customers
  • Information displayed in a more useful and interactive ways e.g. charts and graphs
  • Easier access to current, future and completed works and projects in your area through ‘Works near me’ (searchable via location)
  • New ‘Report an issue’ form to capture customer feedback

We’re interested in your feedback

We will continue to improve our website to make sure we meet the changing needs of our customers and advances in technology.

If you have any questions about the new site or would like to provide feedback, please let us know.

You can provide feedback by using the feedback form “How useful was this information?” at the end of each page or by contacting us online.

We hope you like the changes and look forward to continuing to improve our customer experience online.

Media contact
Joseph Keller, Senior Media Advisor. Ph. 0430 219 287 | 03 9654 3234