Melbourne Water scoops two Australian Utility Innovators Awards

Melbourne Water was the recipient of two prestigious awards - Best Digital Transformation and Best Innovations in Digital Water Services - at the annual Australian Utility Innovators Awards.

The Australian Utility Innovators Awards recognises excellence and celebrates successful innovators across the digital utility sector for their outstanding commitment and accomplishments to a sustainable utility sector.

Following the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning into its practises, Melbourne Water has been able to resolve complex problems that were once either too cost prohibitive or difficult to solve.

Through the implementation of remote IoT monitoring of the 200 impressed current corrosion protection units installed across the water transfer system, Melbourne Water will be able to monitor the systems and respond to failures in real-time, thereby ensuring the protection of our water transfer mains.

Similarly, the adoption of AI at several Water Pumping Stations has resulted in the automation of pumps which are programmed to run efficiently and reduce electricity consumption by approximately 25 per cent.

Melbourne Water’s Manager of Asset Knowledge & Systems, Michael Gomez, said the awards illustrate the impact digital innovation is having across the organisation.   

“The outcomes we are achieving in Automation, IoT and AI are well recognised across many industries, and I would like to congratulate and thank all who were involved in these projects,” Mr Gomez said.  

“The implementation of these innovative projects has resulted in significant energy savings and cost reductions for Melbourne Water, which we can pass on to the community.”

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