Explore the Eastern Treatment Plant during Melbourne Open House

Melbourne Water will open its doors to the public at its Eastern Treatment Plant as part of the upcoming 2018 Melbourne Open House weekend providing a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of Melbourne’s most significant public assets.

This is only the second time since 2012 Melbourne Water has conducted public tours at the Eastern Treatment Plant, which treats more than 40% of Melbourne’s sewage. Last year’s tours were completely booked out within 24 hours of tickets being released.

Melbourne Water’s Eastern Treatment Plant at Bangholme was opened in 1975 to serve Melbourne's growing population. The plant, considered one of the most sophisticated large-scale sewage treatment facilities in the world, sits on 1,100 hectares and treats about 380 million litres of sewage a day.

Eastern Treatment Plant Manager, David Norman, said he was pleased to give the public a look behind the curtain at how a large portion of the city’s wastewater is managed.

“When we flush the toilet or take a shower, we rarely think about where that water ends up, so these tours provide a unique insight into that,” he said.

“For the first time this year we are also including demonstrations of new technology we are using at the plant, including drones, virtual reality and even a remote controlled underwater vehicle used for inspecting treatment plant assets.”

Mr Norman said there were benefits for Melbourne Water in holding public tours.

“Our treatment plants are very sensitive to what people put down the drain or flush down their toilet. By showing people how the system works and the positive impact they can have by being thoughtful about what ends up in the system, we think it can have a long lasting impact.”

The tour will provide attendees with an understanding of the history of the plant including construction and design as well as an overview of the sewage treatment process and insight into the urban water cycle.

Tour Details

Date: Sunday 29 July

Times: Tours will occur at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm, running for 90 minutes, in groups of 25.

Tickets: Tickets will be released on Friday 13 July at 8.30am until booked out. Second release tickets will be available from 20 July at 8.30 am until booked out.

Price: Tickets are free, however a small booking fee applies.

Bookings: please visit https://www.openhousemelbourne.org

Please note: the Eastern Treatment Plant is an operating sewage treatment facility meaning there are mobility and age restrictions for these tours. All participants will be required to wear sturdy closed toe shoes, long sleeves and long pants. Safety vests and glasses will be provided by Melbourne Water. The tours will be run regardless of weather so please dress accordingly.