‘Daylighting’ – a novel approach bringing waterways back to life (podcast)

In the next in our series of podcasts, we look at a patch of grass in Melbourne suburbia, that has been transformed into a gurgling, bubbling, and flowing creek.

The Dandenong Creek runs through Melbourne's eastern and south eastern suburbs, but for decades sections have been buried below ground in stretches of pipe.

In Heathmont that's all changed, thanks to Melbourne Water's $14.5 million Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek Program. Today this stream is once again seeing daylight.

Sarah Watkins - Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek Program - transcript 

Melbourne Water has created new billabongs, and flowing water that builds habitats for threatened fish, frogs, and birds. With thousands of native species planted the project is creating a rich, biodiverse environment, and a splendid park for locals to enjoy.

Senior Planning Engineer, Sarah Watkins, sat down with Anthony Stewart to explain why Melbourne Water is committed to enhancing Dandenong Creek.

For more information on the project visit: www.yoursay.melbournewater.com.au/enhancing-our-dandenong-creek/daylighting-dandenong-creek

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