Dandenong Creek resurfaces thanks to major rehabilitation

Sections of Dandenong creek which have been underground for many years will be returned to open waterway as part of a $14.5M Melbourne Water project to improve the environmental and amenity value of the Creek.

Dandenong Creek is an urban creek which runs through many Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs from Bayswater to Bangholme, where it joins the Patterson River and runs out into Port Phillip Bay.

Melbourne Water Senior Planning Engineer Sarah Watkins said rehabilitation works currently underway will see sections of the creek “daylighted,” which means removing underground pipe and returning the creek to an open, flowing waterway.

“The creek will become a visible waterway between HE Parker Reserve and the railway bridge in Heathmont / Bayswater,” she said.

“This will improve the visual amenity of the area as well as creating a habitat corridor for native plants and small animals.

“The creek is a popular spot for recreation, but the surrounding suburbs have become increasingly industrialised over time, so this project aims to increase the amenity value of the area.”

Dandenong Creek makes its way through a significant industrial corridor through Bayswater which has been the site of several pollution events; most recently in November this year, when a suspected detergent spill led to contamination and fish deaths.

Significant consultation had been undertaken to understand the amenity and environmental values of the creek and improve them as part of the ‘Enhancing our Dandenong Creek’ project.

“We have worked extensively with local community groups and council over many months to properly understand the value of this waterway, both from an ecological and community perspective.”

“We have genuinely listened to what the community wanted and are now delivering on their vision with a range of works on the ground. Working closely with our delivery partners we plan to rehabilitate Dandenong creek and restore its value to the environment and the community.”

In addition to the ‘daylighting’ the works include naturalising sections of the creek, enhancing existing billabongs providing interpretative signage, seating and drinking fountains. 

Melbourne Water is also working to better monitor pollution events in the area.

“Pollution tracking in hot spot areas is an important part of the rehabilitation program.”

“We want to ensure that after the rehabilitation, the creek is preserved long -term and we will be working closely with the EPA and City of Knox over the next few months to ensure this happens.”

“We encourage the community to keep an eye out to report pollution events, and be mindful of how their actions at home impact their local waterways”.

Works are expected to be fully completed by June 2018.

For more information about the Enhancing our Dandenong Creek project visit the webpage - https://www.melbournewater.com.au/what-we-are-doing/works-and-projects-near-me/all-projects/enhancing-our-dandenong-creek