How to use the water storages section

​Our interactive water storages reports allow you to customise the display to suit your preferred way of viewing data.

​Comparing data to yesterday and last year

Use the tabs at the top of the page to view data for yesterday or this time last year.  Each tab shows daily data compared to the previous day. 

The weekly data is in a separate report.


Additional details

The dam storage levels section is expanded by default to show additional details. 

Use the link underneath the dashboard info graphic to view more details for other sections, or scroll down the page and expand the blue section heading.


Chart vs table view

The dam storage levels table, including storage, volume and rainfall data, is displayed as default. All other sections default to chart view to give a visual overview.

Toggle between table or chart view using the buttons at the top right of each chart.

Select the reservoir to learn more about it.  You can also access the hourly rainfall data.

Viewing data on the chart 

You can view the data at each logging point on all charts.  Hover over the chart to display a dialogue box with the data.

Downloading data

Below each chart and table is a link to download the data in CSV format.

Storages over the years

The storages over the years report shows the storage percentages for each year as a rolling line. Use the arrows at the bottom of the graph to move between the years.

Below this graph is a link to our interactive storages over the years graph. Use this graph to compare data for multiple years back to 1940. The graph can also be accessed from the storages over the year link in the left-hand navigation. 

Weekly water report

Our weekly water report is updated each Thursday and contains weekly data and comparisons plus a commentary on the storage figures for the week. You can access previous weekly reports using the weekly water report archive link from the report.

Inflow over the years

Inflow over the years shows the water flowing into Melbourne's main water supply reservoirs each year. The default view shows the overview (with the ability to download a high resolution image of this graph). You can switch to an interactive graph to scan through years 5 at a time dating back to 1926.


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