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Melbourne Water workers standing on grassy site

Making safety part of our DNA

Eamonn Kelly, General Manager, Major Program Delivery, talks about how Melbourne Water is employing best practice and securing a sustainable community for future generations in this month's Business Chief ANZ. 

In an article that focuses on safety, key takeaways include:

  • 'Get good people on your work sites, build a level of trust and capability in that safety performance, then safety should look after itself.'
  • 'We've just kicked off our first cohort of eight Pathways participants. Some of them had been applying for jobs as civil engineers, for over three years, and never got to interview. The fact they were still applying shows a great level of resilience and tenacity.' 
  • 'When you build a passion in people that makes them want to come to work and you look after their wellbeing, they will repay you in spades and your projects with be all the better for it.'
  • Recent interventions to improve safety protocols have included staging a mock incident, followed up with court scenarios featuring professional police prosecutors, to further educate staff on what's expected at Melbourne Water.

Melbourne Water's mission for safety is that we make it part of our DNA.

Read more about how Melbourne Water puts safety first in this month's Business Chief ANZ.