Hundreds of people set to float down the Yarra

Hundreds of people are expected to float two kilometres down the Yarra River today in the annual Inflatable Regatta, pumped up by Melbourne Water.

Principal sponsor, Melbourne Water, says the event is a celebration of Melbourne’s iconic rivers and creeks.

“We share the greatest backyard in Melbourne. Our iconic rivers and creeks are the lifeblood of Melbourne's natural landscape. They're what makes living here great,” Melbourne Water Managing Director Dr Nerina Di Lorenzo said.

“More than 90 million visits are made to our waterways every year. Rivers and creeks such as the Yarra are a unique and important part of what makes our city such a spectacular place.”

As the caretakers of Melbourne’s water resources, Melbourne Water will be providing opportunities to learn about the impact of litter along the journey. Points of interest include:

An augmented reality Litter Critters Scavenger Hunt – the mission is to find five critters and help save them from the litter that ends up in rivers and creeks; interesting knowledge bites at key points along the river; and a platypus art installation by artist David Day, created from litter collected from waterways.

“Melbourne's population is rapidly growing and that means more litter is reaching our waterways every day. We all have a role to play to keep our rivers and creeks beautiful,” Dr Di Lorenzo said.

“Through the Inflatable Regatta we aim to re-connect people with their waterways and encourage them to do their part to keep them clean and beautiful for everyone, including all the native animals that live there, for generations to come.”

Attendees will have a chance to take a snap from a free photo booth at registration. They are also invited to overlay their Snapchat posts with a custom geo-filter and spread the word with the hashtag #MakeLitterExtinct

After the 2 kilometre journey, participants are encouraged to visit the free Melbourne Water chill-out zone at the finish line, where there will be live music, food trucks and a bar.

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