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How our new way of life is changing our household water habits

Melbourne Water data shows continued significant changes in our water usage across the day as the majority of us continue to work from home. 

The analysis shows from March when many of us moved to working from home, our peak water use shifting to later in the morning - around 8.30-9.30 am - compared with 7am and the correlating work commute and rush out the door previously.  

Melbourne Water analyst David White says this change saw the weekday water use move closer to a typical weekend  pattern where people tend to sleep in later and therefore use water later. 

“Before the majority of us worked from home – water usage on the weekends always peaked at a later time than during the week – that gap has narrowed understandably as we are working and have been schooling from home," David said.


“Melburnians are still being conscious of the water they’re using, it’s just that the shape of our day has changed.

“The later peaks suggest we aren’t having to rush out the door so our morning routines like showering and putting on the dishwasher are happening later.”

The data is collected by analysing water flow meters across Greater Melbourne in real time that measure bulk flows to residential areas.

The latest figures from June show that the change in pattern has remained relatively stable.

Interestingly the data shows we all had a good sleep in on Easter Friday and Monday.

‘This is a really accurate snapshot of Melburnians water habits at home and like a lot of things it’s changed significantly,” David said. 

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