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Hop to it and create a frog friendly habitat for National Water Week

October is peak breeding season for Melbourne’s frogs and across the city, male frogs are croaking as loudly as they can in attempts to drown each other out and capture the attention of a potential female mate.

Against this backdrop and National Water Week ( which runs from October 19th-25th ) – Melbourne Water is encouraging people to join a free frog zoom webinar to learn more about the critters and how they can directly help in their survival and good health.

Melbourne Water’s Waterwatch frog expert James Frazer will explain how to design and build a frog pond and frog-friendly garden.

“As part of National Water Week, this session will teach all the basics of planning and building a pond, as well as introducing the breeding strategies of some common Victorian frog species.

“With all of this good spring rain, now is the perfect time to get a pond happening either in your own backyard or neighbourhood.”

James Frazer will also discuss updates from Melbourne Water’s popular Frog Census group – the community-based frog monitoring program that’s been going strong for 20 years.

The group’s app is an easy way for anyone to record frog calls and sightings –both of which contribute important data to help Melbourne Water’s monitoring of frogs.

“Frogs can be found all over Melbourne and they play an important role in the waterway ecosystem.

“Our Frog Census helps us track the health of Melbourne’s frog populations, protect frog habitat areas and improve waterway health,” Mr Frazer said.

The free Creating a frog-friendly habitat webinar will run on Thursday 22 October from 4-5 pm as part of National Water Week.

Registration is essential.

For further information please contact us at [email protected]

Media Catherine Garrett : 0429 219 084