Flood recovery underway in Banyule

Melbourne Water and Banyule City Council are working together to address the impacts of the severe storm event on 29 December 2016.

On top of our regular maintenance schedule in Banyule, Melbourne Water crews are removing debris, assessing erosion and inspecting all built drains to enable the system to continue to perform at its best.

Melbourne Water North East Regional Services Team Leader - Lower Yarra, Andrew Mellor, said the recent storm event was extreme, with rainfall in many areas of Banyule beyond the capacity of the drainage system.

 “The drainage system in Banyule was built well in excess of national standards, however, on 29 December the Salt Creek catchment in Rosanna experienced a very large storm event, estimated to be 150% greater than the capacity of the drain,” said Mr Mellor.

 One of Melbourne Water’s rainfall gauge stations in Lower Plenty recorded that the amount of rain in the area from 4:00pm to 6:00pm was 76.4mm, with about 58mm of that total received within just 28 minutes.

 “We have a robust drainage system at Salt Creek that exceeds national standards, but any system would struggle with extreme weather as intense as that experienced on 29 December 2016; it was much greater than any drainage system is designed to manage.”

Mr Mellor said while it was almost impossible to completely flood-proof catchments, Melbourne Water and Council were exploring options to reduce the impacts of flooding on the community.

“The drainage system performed as well as it could have given the intensity of the storm. Routine maintenance was done to schedule and the pipe was not blocked during the flooding. However, we are always assessing our maintenance programs and information gathered at our inspections to identify opportunities for improvement.”

Some parts of Melbourne recorded more than 40 millimetres of rain in 15 minutes, which is amongst the heaviest known rainfalls on record in Victoria for such a short duration, and lead to flooding around the city and suburbs.

“We know this can be a frustrating time for people and it is clear that this recent event has caused some community members a lot of distress and inconvenience. Our highest priority is always the safety of our people and the public who live and work in Banyule, and we’re visiting residents in the area who have been impacted by flooding,” said Mr Mellor.

To report damage to a drain or waterway or for any related queries please contact 131 722 or email [email protected]. Visit melbournewater.com.au for general information.

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