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Smoke from fire over Thomson Reservoir

Fires in Thomson Reservoir catchment area

Thomson fire remains a priority

There have been a number of fires across our Upper Yarra and Thomson catchments which started as a result of dry lightning strikes on Friday 25 January. The Upper Yarra fires are contained but a fire continues near the Thomson Reservoir and remains a priority.

Our team of experienced people, including our catchment firefighters, are closely supporting the lead agency Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the firefighting authorities to manage the fire in the Thomson catchment area. 

While the fires do not currently threaten water quality or supply, plans are in place to protect water quality in the Thomson Reservoir and ensure there are no interruptions to Melbourne’s water supply. 

We have a variety of water sources to draw on, including ten major storage reservoirs and the desalination plant. The water supply system has flexibility that allows us to move water to where it is required to meet Melbourne’s needs.

Protecting our people, community and our water supply and quality is our highest priority during these incidents.

Bushfires in water catchment areas

Bushfires can impact the quality of drinking water from catchments. Ash and sediment washed into reservoirs during heavy rainfall potentially means they can’t be used for a period of time.

Bushfires in our water supply catchments are managed and planned for. Measures are in place to protect the water quality in our reservoirs and ensure there are no interruptions to Melbourne’s water supply.