Blue-green algae detected near Kingswood Golf Course, Dingley


Melbourne Water is advising the community that a blue-green algae bloom has been detected in the retarding basin close to the Kingswood Golf Course in Dingley.

Signage will be erected on site shortly and we are making contact with the golf course to determine if the water is used for any irrigation purposes. This is the first recorded bloom for this location.

Melbourne Water Manager of Regional Services (South East), John Woodland said the algae species present could be harmful to animals and humans.

“It is vital that people avoid contact with the water and make sure that it doesn’t touch their skin or eyes.

"Animals should also not swim in the water or drink from it.

"Melbourne Water will closely monitor the situation and continue to collect regular samples,” Mr Woodland said.

Blue-green algae occurs naturally in waterways and forms blooms during hot weather, periods of drought or low flow, or where there is an accumulation of nutrients in waterways or water bodies.

Media contact: Catherine Garrett, Media Manager Ph: 0429 219 084