Blue Green algae alert for Werribee River at Maltby Bypass

Melbourne Water is advising people to avoid contact with the Werribee River at the Maltby Bypass, following the detection of blue-green algae.

Melbourne Water has instigated weekly testing and will closely monitor the bloom until it has cleared.

Signs will be erected at public access locations close by as a precaution.

Manager North West Regional Services, Waterways & Land, Service Delivery Group Emily Phillips, said there were many forms of blue-green algae and the species currently present could be harmful to animals or humans.

"It’s important that people avoid contact with the water and make sure that it does not come into contact with their skin or eyes," Ms Phillips said.

"Pet owners are advised to take similar precautions and keep their animals from entering the water or from drinking it."

Melbourne Water is working with Werribee Council to manage the algae bloom in line with Victorian Government guidelines, and will continue to monitor the site.

Blue-green algae occurs naturally in waterways and forms blooms during hot weather, periods of drought or low flow, or where there is an accumulation of nutrients in waterways or water bodies.

Media contact: Catherine Garrett : 0419 219 084