Two waterbugs on a log

Waterbugs: highly nutritious but interesting in their own right

  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Online webinar

  • Free – registration required
05/26/2021 7:00pm 05/26/2021 8:00pm Australia/Melbourne Waterbugs: highly nutritious but interesting in their own right Online webinar Melbourne Water [email protected]

Event Details

Join this webinar to learn from John Gooderham (National Waterbug Blitz) about waterbugs, their ecology and what they can tell us about the rivers and wetlands they live in.

We’ll dwell upon waterbugs that live on the edge of the urban landscape and look at some of the more unpleasant things they have to contend with. We will also briefly look at their importance as a food source for platypus.

This event is free but registration is essential:

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About the presenter

John Gooderham, freshwater ecologist

John is a freshwater ecologist who works with The National Waterbug Blitz. He co-authored The Waterbug Book with Edward Tsyrlin (CSIRO 2002), and The Waterbug App with Michael Sharman (a free identification app on iOS and Android).

He is currently making short waterbug documentaries and helping people set up citizen science projects to monitor rivers and wetlands around Australia – using waterbugs.

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