Red fox in long grass

Impacts and management of foxes and rabbits in Victoria

  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Online webinar

05/24/2021 7:00pm 05/24/2021 8:00pm Australia/Melbourne Impacts and management of foxes and rabbits in Victoria Online webinar Melbourne Water [email protected]

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Join this webinar to hear from Agriculture Victoria’s Jason Wishart on fox and rabbit ecology, key control techniques and basic principles for effective management.

Foxes and rabbits are widespread and abundant in Victoria. The prevalence of these introduced pests impacts platypus: the fox predates on the platypus; and rabbits damage wildlife corridors and creek banks by killing indigenous plants, causing erosion, and creating places for weeds to flourish – impacting water quality and water bug populations.

Foxes and rabbits also cause serious impacts to the natural environment and agriculture, and are potential vectors for diseases.

Successful fox and rabbit management requires an integrated approach using multiple control tools, including:

  • baiting
  • trapping
  • shooting
  • harbour manipulation.

Control programs should also be strategic and implanted and a landscape-scale in a coordinated fashion.

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About the presenter

Jason Wishart

Jason Wishart has been involved in research and management of pest animals for over 15 years. He began his career at the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre where he assisted with the development of various pest animals management products and strategies, both nationally and internationally.

He continued in this line of work at Animal Control Technologies for a relatively short time, before joining Agriculture Victoria as statewide specialist for Established Invasive Animals. Most of Jason’s time now is spent educating and training key stakeholders on the importance of strategic pest animal management for agriculture and environmental protection.

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