Download the Litterati app

Help gather data on litter in Sunbury and the Dandenong Creek, with the Litterati app.

Melbourne Water is trialling the use of the smartphone application, Litterati, to gather data on litter, and help manage this problem in and around our waterways: first at Sunbury and the Dandenong Creek. Find out how you can download it now. 

What is Litterati?

Download Litterati app: sticker on pavement at a local park

Litterati is a geotagging, smartphone application that allows you to photograph litter items and identify the most commonly found brands and product items using keywords. This data may help to highlight patterns in the distribution of litter types which could be a powerful tool in finding solutions to the litter problem.

We know that 95% of the litter on our beaches comes from the suburban streets through the stormwater system and we need to solve this problem at the source.

Which areas are we trialling?

Melbourne Water is trialling the use of the Litterati app in two areas to see what sort of data can be gathered through the efforts of our citizen scientists armed with mobile phones.

The areas where this app is being trialled are Sunbury and the Dandenong Creek.

How you can get involved

If you would like to join in this community effort to gather data on litter, choose the location that best suits and click on the tile for instructions to get started.

  1. Download Litterati from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Create a user name and log in
  3. Under 'Community' scroll down to 'Nearby Local Challenges'
  4. Click on 'View all'
  5. Search for 'Sunbury challenge' or 'Dandenong Creek Challenge'
  6. Tap on the challenge and view
  7. Click 'Participate'.

Prefer instructions on video?

Check out instructions to join our Sunbury and Dandenong Creek challenges:


Dandenong Creek

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Sunbury railway station

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Last updated:
9 July 2020