Mornington Point Source Investigation case study

Food businesses within the Tanti and Ballar Creek catchments have been identified as potential sources of high levels of bacteria (E.Coli) in the stormwater system, subsequently contributing to beach closures and algal blooms at the well utilised downstream beaches.

​Previous studies in other areas of Melbourne have demonstrated that food businesses generally possess a very low understanding of the stormwater system.

It was therefore identified that an education based project for businesses targeting source point pollution was needed. This aims to:

  • understand trader issues
  • improve their knowledge of best practice stormwater management
  • increase awareness of regulatory penalties
  • provide some seed assistance to address any infrastructure issues the traders need to suitably manage their waste water

Partnership outcomes

Mornington Point Source Investigation meets Living Rivers objectives by:

  • helping the health of our waterways and bays by improving stormwater quality and reducing stormwater quantity
  • increasing awareness of sustainable stormwater management practices
  • creating greener open spaces and enhanced urban landscapes
  • improving amenity in our local community


Last updated:
20 September 2017