Incentives Program

We are broadening and enhancing our current incentives and grants offering and improving the process for funding applications to better support our customers and the community by creating a single Incentives Program.

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What is the new Melbourne Water Incentives Program?

A single, flexible program that supports us to deliver our services, respond to emerging challenges, initiate new opportunities and partnerships while helping us deliver our vision of enhancing Melbourne’s life and liveability.

Who can apply?

During 2019 we will be working with a small number of applicants to help us refine the program and process. Once that is complete the new program will be open to all customers within our operational area who have a project that meets our criteria. This includes landowners, councils and public land managers, school and community groups, universities and research institutions, multi-partner projects and collaborative groups – we can’t wait to work with you.


The purpose of the new program is to increase the support and value that we can offer our customers and the community. The focus of the incentives program has expanded to incorporate the broad range of services we deliver and the strategies that drive those services into the future.

You will now be able to contribute to this holistic approach through activities and initiatives such as:

  • On-ground works currently funded by existing programs such as waterway rehabilitation activities and stormwater treatments 
  • Innovation in delivery of on-ground services through more effective, efficient and safer means
  • Planning and investigation for habitat protection and restoration, improved urban landscapes for community wellbeing, and stormwater treatment and harvesting
  • Business case development for innovative Integrated Water Management approaches 
  • Capacity building: skill training, technical advice, guidance and support
  • Community engagement: education programs, activities, citizen science 
  • Collaborative projects that may be co-designed, co-owned, co-delivered and include one or more of the above examples or other ideas.

Contact us

If you would like more information, please contact the Incentives team.

[email protected]


Last updated:
12 August 2019