Video: 2021 Price Submission

2 November 2020
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S1: Water is precious.
Essential for all Melburnians – from farmers to families. 

S2: So as we plan services in water, sewerage, waterways and drainage for the next five years, it’s been vital for us to engage with our customers and community to understand what they value, and commit to delivering what matters most.

[On-screen visuals: plan dated 2021-26, with documents titled 'water supply', 'sewerage', 'waterway management', and 'drainage']

S1: We did.

[On-screen visuals: document titled 'valued services']

For over eighteen months, we’ve run a comprehensive engagement program that’s covered a lot of ground.

S2: We set up dedicated Customer Councils to collaborate with our retail water company customers, and our partners in local government, environmental groups and the development industry. We also sought the views of a diverse cross-section of the community, representing the four million Melburnians who benefit from our services.

[On-screen visuals: Water and Sewerage Customer Council including retail water company customer; Waterways and Drainage Customer Council including local government, environmentalist, developer and community]

S1: Their input has been shaping our future services every step of the way.

S2: We heard insights and experiences from the retail water companies, and identified community values and priorities to address through a series of customer outcomes.

S1: Our community research program gauged support for investment in a range of activities, and we proposed ways to measure our performance.

[On-screen visuals: river connecting customer outcomes, investment program and outcome measures]

S2: We played all of this back to the community to check they made sense. And we spread the word in person and online, trying new tools to hear from new voices.

S1: Along the way, we’ve adapted our approach to reflect what we’ve heard – and accommodate the odd curveball.

[On-screen visuals: letterbox, phone with SMS alert, coronavirus, online meeting; document titled '2021 Price Submission']

S2: The result is our 2021 Price Submission. 

It’s our proposal to Victoria’s independent regulator for the investment needed to provide the services we enjoy today, while preparing for challenges of the future.

[On-screen visuals: document with 'flood and drainage, and 'grants, partnerships and litter'; timeline showing 'now' and 'future']

S1: And it’s our commitment to our customers and community to deliver the outcomes they value.

S2: Now, we’re ready for the final step.

S1: Melbourne Water.
Enhancing life and liveability.

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