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Whether you're curious about works near you, wanting to report an issue or know more about how water is supplied to you, check out these top pages:

View rainfall levels

Find a job

Report an issue

See what's happening near me 

Find a bike or walking track 

Save water

Browse news or talking points

Tip: Immerse yourself in Water data and education, for key water stats, facts and issues for Melbourne.


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If you're doing work on your home, find more information about what to do: read our overview or complete these steps:

Build or renovate my house

Get flooding information or advice

Share the cost of fencing

Apply to build or develop

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Don't see what you need? Find more advice about home renovation in Building and works.


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Planning your next career move? Let's see if we're a great fit. Bookmark these links for easy reference during the job-seeking and application process at Melbourne Water:

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Know more about Melbourne Water

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Community groups

Discover ways you can enhance your local area: whether it's taking action against litter, applying for funding or much more:

Visit a sewage treatment plant

Take action against litter

Go birdwatching

Be a citizen scientist

Apply for funding

Apply to use land

Help plan upcoming Melbourne Water projects 



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Don't miss our education resources, programs and key facts about water, including our game Drip Trip and Western Treatment Plant virtual tour:

Browse education resources

Save water at school

Visit water or sewage treatment plants

Find citizen science programs

See history and heritage

Play your interactive water game




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Developers and builders

Whether you're a developer or a builder, find the resources you need for your next project: 

View developer guides and resources

Find my drainage scheme

Get flooding information and advice

Calculate my stormwater offset contribution

Apply to build or develop

Check my application status


Don't see what you need? Browse Building and works for all your developer needs. 


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Suppliers or contractors

Get to know Melbourne Water policies and procedures, or find our online payments portal:

Read Melbourne Water safety procedures

Train to work on a Melbourne Water site

Read your code of practice

Bid for a tender

Go to online payments


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Water retailer and government partners

Find quick access to information​ you need, whether it's status of projects and works, prices and services, or a strategy or plan. 


Browse all projects and works

See key works completed in my area

Find prices and services

Read a strategy or plan 

Apply for funding

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