Activities by the water

Wetlands, rivers and creeks are a part of what makes Melbourne’s lifestyle so enviable. There are many ways to enjoy, learn about and protect them. Sit on a riverbank and drop a fishing line into the water.

Explore the range of walking and bike paths or cook up a barbecue by the river. You can even join a community of frog monitors, become a platypus crusader or volunteer to monitor examine the health of your local waterway.

There are risks associated with any open body of water, so remember to stay safe when you visit our waterways.


Walking tracks and bike paths

Cycle, stroll or jog along our rivers and creeks and feel a million miles from city life.

Fishing spots

Try your luck with a hook and bait in Melbourne’s park and riverside fishing spots.

Barbecue locations

Cook up a plan to enjoy a barbecue with friends and family alongside our waterways.


Discover avian wonderlands at our wetlands and sewage treatment plants.

Record frog sounds

Head outside to capture frog sounds in your local area and help us raise awareness of waterway health.

Monitor and learn about river health

Get involved in Healthy Waterways Waterwatch activities in your community to protect our waterways and marine life.

Communities for platypus

Spotted a platypus recently? Report your sighting and help ongoing conservation and research of this iconic species.

Did you know?

More than 50 million visits are made to our rivers and creeks each year.


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