Protect the environment

​From simple actions around the house to joining one of our volunteer monitoring programs, there are many ways you can help protect our environment.

Monitor and learn about river health

Get involved in Healthy Waterways Waterwatch activities in your community to protect our waterways and marine life.

Record frog sounds

Head outside to capture frog sounds in your local area and help us raise awareness of waterway health.

Look for platypus

Join a platypus spotting program to identify populations around Melbourne and look after their habitats.

Monitor waterbugs

Help us to understand more about the health of our waterways by getting out and collecting waterbugs.

Build a raingarden

Help protect the environment by building a natural filter for stormwater runoff at your home.

River health at home

Discover easy things to do at home to keep polluted stormwater out of our rivers, creeks and bays.

Help keep sewers clean

Protect our sewers and the environment by keeping certain household waste items out of the sewerage system.

Water quality monitoring

For more than 20 years, Waterwatch volunteers have been measuring water quality to get a better understanding of the long term health of Melbourne’s waterways.

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