Water quality testing

For over 20 years, volunteers across Victoria have been monitoring the quality of their local waterways as part of the Waterwatch program. The information recorded helps us better understand the long-term health of Melbourne’s waterways.

​Most water quality monitors are out collecting water samples from their local waterway once a month. The information on water quality and the environmental observations they gather can be accessed by the public on the Waterwatch Victoria website. This information is used by universities and other organisations for a variety of purposes, including research and projects.

Get involved in Waterwatch

We have a number of dynamic Waterwatch groups that are seeking additional members and helpers. We’re not currently recruiting volunteers for new sites.

If you are interested in getting involved in water quality monitoring in your local area, please contact us to find out about any groups near you. 

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Did you know?

Water quality can vary for natural reasons like season and rainfall.


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