Healthy Waterways Waterwatch

Healthy Waterways Waterwatch is a fun, hands-on way of involving the community, schools and businesses in the important job of protecting the health of our local rivers and creeks.

​What we do

Healthy Waterways Waterwatch is supported by Melbourne Water, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and councils in the Port Phillip and Westernport catchment area.

Our region covers an area of 12,000 square kilometres, includes 3.6 million people and 8,400 kilometres of waterways, all of which flow into Port Phillip or Westernport Bays.

Community activities

Frog Census

Join the Frog Census and do your bit to help manage Melbourne’s frog populations and raise awareness of waterway health.

Frogs play an important role in the waterway ecosystem and are easily affected by changes to their environment. Armed with a notebook and a recording device you can record frog sounds in your local area and contribute to the Frog Census, a vital component in the mission to protect our frogs.

Platypus Census

We want to learn more about where the elusive platypus lives in and around Melbourne so that we can help protect them. We work with a number of groups to record platypus sightings and to encourage people to take care of their waterways so that platypuses can continue to live there.

Waterbugs Census

Waterbug monitoring happens all across Melbourne. Keeping an eye on this important part of the food chain helps us to understand more about the health of our waterways.

Get involved in monitoring and learn more about your local waterway while contributing to ongoing research and waterway management.

Water quality testing

Check out the Victorian Waterwatch Database to learn more about our rivers and creeks and to see how Melbourne’s water quality has changed since volunteers started monitoring our water quality in 1993.

• Water quality testing

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