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Bring your class or community group to our sewage treatment plants and education centres and embark on a fun, interactive journey through the water cycle. You’ll cover everything from sewage treatment to renewable energy production and discover native and visiting wildlife in their natural habitats.​

Edithvale-Seaford Wetland Education Centre


We’re lucky to have the internationally significant Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and the sustainable education centre in our backyard.

You can take a guided visit through our site and learn about the wetland’s importance to the environment.

Tailored, hands-on activities will teach groups more about:

  • birds and animals (including migratory species)
  • life cycles
  • wetlands and natural waterways
  • food chains

Opening times

The centre is also open to the public every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

Eastern Treatment Plant

""You can organise a guided walking tour of the futuristic treatment plant to follow our sewage treatment process and learn about producing renewable energy and recycled water.

Visitors will also learn more about the plant’s construction and how it fits into Melbourne’s sewerage system.

Tours are available for Year 7 to tertiary students as well as industry and community groups.

Western Treatment Plant

From methane gas to catchment models, an excursion to the Western Treatment Plant gives students a chance to discover the entire water cycle in ways they won’t forget.

Students from Grade 3 to Year 12 and tertiary and community groups participate in a bus tour of the plant to quickly become experts in:

  • the sewage treatment process
  • collecting methane gas to generate electricity
  • conservation in the Ramsar-listed wetlands

The tours are complemented by a range of interactive, school level-appropriate education activities. Using Lego, giant jigsaw pieces, water recycling models and more, students learn about:

  • urban water cycle
  • stormwater system
  • catchments waste

Open days

We hold free open days at the Western Treatment Plant every 18 months. Join us on a voyage of discovery of all the activities that exist in harmony at the plant, such as sewage treatment, farming, history and biodiversity.

Winneke Water Treatment Plant

Situated in Sugarloaf Reservoir Park, Winneke Water Treatment Plant is currently responsible for supplying around a quarter of the city’s drinking water, but was also the first to supply Melbourne with a fully treated water supply.

School groups and community members can go on a tour of the Winneke Water Treatment Plant with opportunities to :

  • learn how Yarra River water is turned into drinkable water for Melbourne
  • understand treatment processes such as filtration, sedimentation, coagulation, disinfection
  • investigate a nature trail area to support ecology, environmental and nature study programs
  • discover how reservoir parks contribute to biodiversity and sustainability.

For tour bookings, contact EcoAdventure Tours.

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