Cleaner Production Pilot (West Region)

In collaboration with City West Water and Yarra Valley Water, we're initiating the Cleaner Production Pilot Program to reduce TKN (nitrogen) loads within trade waste.

Expression of interest 

Expressions of interest to implement at-source TKN reduction projects closed on Friday 5 February 2016.


Applications are being assessed in a competitive round. Funding will be allocated to projects achieving the most cost effective TKN reductions, until funding allocation is exhausted. 

In collaboration with City West Water and Yarra Valley Water, we will, at our absolute discretion, assess and select suitable applicants according to our policies and procedures.

We reserve the right to withdraw the EoI process at any time, for any reason, and not to proceed beyond the EoI process. Applicants will be notified in the event the EoI process has been withdrawn.

Assessment criteria

  • consideration to cost of the project
  • loads reduced
  • technology employed 
  • life of the project 
  • project delivery timeframes.


We will endeavour to notify all applicants in writing/email on the outcome of their EoI by the end of February 2016.

Next steps

All suitable applicants progressing to the next step will be provided contracts and the conditions of the Pilot. Failing to reach agreement on the contract will mean the application will not progress further.


All EoI submissions and any accompanying documents become our property. Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, all documents provided by the applicant will be held in confidence so far as the law permits.

Pilot objectives

The Cleaner Production Pilot aims to evaluate:

  • the viability of at-source TKN reduction initiatives to achieve required TKN load reduction in trade waste 
  • whether expanding the Pilot would result in lower or deferred costs to the community for upgrades at WTP.

Why the pilot is important

The Western Treatment Plant (WTP) is currently at capacity for the treatment of TKN loads. As a result, a 10 year plan to upgrade WTP is well underway.

If at-source TKN reduction initiatives are found to achieve the required TKN load reduction, the extent and timing of upgrades at WTP may be minimised and could result in lower or deferred costs to the community.

More information 

If you require more information about the Cleaner Production Pilot or have a query relating to the EoI application form please

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