Supply water

​Our city has some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. As the wholesaler of Melbourne’s drinking water, we are responsible for managing the catchments, treating water and transferring it to our retail and regional water customers who in turn supply water to over 4 million people in individual homes and businesses. 

We also supply water to the Victorian Environmental Water Holder for environmental uses and Southern Rural Water for irrigation purposes.

Water supply system

A vast system of reservoirs, plants and pipes transfers water from the catchments to your tap.

Protected and open catchments

Melbourne’s forested catchments provide us with high quality water. Find out what we do to protect them.

Storage reservoirs

Our 10 major reservoirs can store a total of 1,810 billion litres of water. View facts and rainfall data for each one.

Treatment processes and plants

Learn how we treat water at each of our plants to supply safe drinking water to Melbourne.

Water quality

We test our water regularly to make sure it meets strict water quality standards.


Desalination complements the catchments by providing a secure, rainfall-independent source of water.

North-South Pipeline

The 70-kilometre pipeline transfers water from Lake Eildon to Melbourne in times of critical human need. Find out how water is transferred and under what conditions it gets used.
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