Western Treatment Plant

Located in Werribee, the 10,500 hectare Western Treatment Plant is a world leader in technical and environmental innovation. It processes around half of Melbourne's sewage and produces almost 40 billion litres of recycled water a year.​

Sewage treatment process

Learn how we treat raw sewage at the plant's lagoons to produce high quality recycled water

Community and environmental benefits

We're continually improving our plant operations to benefit the environment and local community

Habitats and wildlife

The plant is a haven for tens of thousands of birds and encompasses a diverse and complex array of habitats, vegetation and wildlife


Sheep and cattle have been grazing on the plant's lush pastures for over a century - we've established a partnership to take the farm into a new era


This section includes more information on the Biodiversity Conservation Advisory committee

Visit the plant

Visiting the plant is a great way to learn about how it works and its environmental significance

Cleaner Production Pilot (West Region)

In collaboration with City West Water and Yarra Valley Water, we're initiating the Cleaner Production Pilot Program to reduce TKN (nitrogen) loads within trade waste.

View our projects page for projects that have been carried out at the plant or are currently underway.

Did you know?

The area around the plant is a haven for tens of thousands of birds, and is listed as a wetland of international significance under the Ramsar Convention.

Ramsar Convention

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