Land leasing, filming, photography and logos

You can apply to use our land for short-term uses like filming and photography, or for longer leasing and licensing arrangements. Approval is subject to our public safety, security and operational requirements.

Filming, photography and short-term land use

All filming, photography and short-term land use needs a permit to use our land. Fees may apply, but are set to only recover the costs associated with your activity.

Apply for a permit

To apply for a permit complete the relevant form. We will respond to your application within five business days, with the response time depending on the complexity of your request.

Email your completed application to [email protected], or post it to:

Property Leases and Licences
Melbourne Water
PO Box 4342
Melbourne VIC 3001


We may restrict access to areas for your safety and the safety of our staff. Examples include:

  • confined spaces such as drains and manholes
  • areas of environmental and heritage significance
  • protected water catchments

Further information on restricted areas can be obtained from our Property Leases and Licences team.

Land lease and licence agreements

Where longer-term security of tenure is important, leasing or licensing of our operational sites and land may be available on commercial or non-commercial bases.

Examples of long-term land use include grazing, access, recreational and community use.


Fees to prepare and administer your agreement apply, along with an annual rental. Commercial or complex agreements will be subject to valuation and legal costs.


Conditions in the lease or licence will align with the purpose to uphold government policy and statutory requirements, and balance the needs of the tenant with responsibility of the landlord as manager of the land.

All leases and licences will require the tenant to hold public liability insurance.


Before you apply, contact the Property Leases and Licences team to:

  • confirm Melbourne Water owns the land
  • confirm the land is suitable for use
  • be informed of the process for entering into a lease or license agreement
  • get help completing your application

You should then complete your application. Processing timeframes will vary depending on the complexity of the request, but allow up to four weeks.

Please email your completed application to [email protected] or post it to:

Property Leases and Licences
Melbourne Water
PO Box 4342
Melbourne VIC 3001

Logo and image use requests

You can request to use our logo, graphics or photographs in your communication materials, including websites. We provide our images free of charge, but request credit in the form of an accompanying caption.

All materials must be provided to our Corporate Communications advisor for final approval.

Return your completed application to [email protected].


Contact us with any comments or queries: 

Last updated:
9 November 2017