Whether you're seeking a new bike path or barbecue location, there are many ways to enjoy, learn about and protect Melbourne's waterways.

Mother and children having a picnic by their local waterway
Find a spot by your local river, just like a mother and her children enjoying a picnic by theirs.

Wetlands, rivers and creeks are a part of what makes Melbourne’s lifestyle so enviable, right?

If you're looking for things to do among the great outdoors, browse through our lists of things to do by the water:

  • Walking tracks and bike paths
    Cycle, stroll or jog along Melbourne’s rivers and creeks, through urban settings or lush parklands, and feel a million miles from city life. 
  • Fishing spots
    Did you know Melbourne Water cares for waterways to ensure healthy habitats and fish? Read about responsible fishing, licence requirements and protecting native fish.
  • Barbecue locations
    In the mood for a barbecue? Melbourne has an abundance of spots for the perfect afternoon cook-up alongside our rivers, creeks and waterways.
  • Birdwatching
    Spot hundreds of different bird species – some rare and endangered – amongst Melbourne's wetlands, rivers and creeks.

Woman cycling along banks of Yarra River


Just remember, there are risks associated with any open body of water, so stay safe when you visit your local waterway.


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Last updated:
22 February 2020