We released environmental water into the Yarra River in January and February, to maintain water quality and fish habitat during hot, dry conditions.

This water, reserved for the environment, maintains waterway health by mimicking the pattern of natural flows.

What the releases involved

Monitoring of the Yarra River is showing that it has not received sufficient flows to support the plants and animals that live in it.

Each ‘summer fresh’ release used about 4.5 gigalitres (4.5 billion litres) of water from the river’s Environmental Entitlement. Water was released from the Upper Yarra and Maroondah Reservoirs, resulting in river levels rising between 40cm and 90cm along the main branch for the Yarra.

More information

To learn more about why this work is important and other ways we’re managing this precious resource, visit our water for the environment webpage.

Last updated:
17 March 2020