Melbourne Water has upgraded and completed dam remediation works of the Upper Yarra Dam. These works will ensure the continued integrity and stability of the dam wall, so the reservoir can continue to supply world class drinking water to Melburnians.

Melbourne Water and our delivery partner, Seymour Whyte, thank the local community for their patience and understanding while we undertook these works.

Please note: Upper Yarra Reservoir Park (campground, day use area and walking tracks) will remain closed until 2022. We will provide an update when more information is available. For an alternative campground during the closure, please contact Parks Victoria on 13 19 63. 

Why this project was important

Upper Yarra Dam was constructed in 1957 to the best standards of the day. The upgrade will make it compatible with the latest industry standards that have improved over time.

Melbourne Water has an excellent safety record and operates under some of the world's strictest and most conservative dam safety rules.

We apply the best Australian and international engineering practices in our dams' design, management, and operation.

What have we been doing

Over the last 18 months, our works have been staged to maintain the dam wall's integrity to safely lay material to create filter trenches along the wall.

During construction, we have moved a lot of earthfill, rockfill and clay. We have utilised materials from the existing dam and immediate area as well as importing the additional materials needed. These include;

  • Excavation of approximately 265,000m3  from the dam wall
  • Imported 114,200 tonnes of various materials (equivalent to 3,450 trucks and trailers)
  • Placed approximately 180,000m3 to reinstate the dam wall
  • Laid 542 metres of filter trench
  • Injection of 1.6km of grout

The project has employed over 20 local residents in a variety of roles.

Narrap Rangers, Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung, Yarra Ranges Council’s Natural Resource Management Team carried out work on Country, which involved grass cutting, weed spraying and general maintenance.

What is left to do

  • Installation of Mechanical and Electrical equipment within the new Seepage Weir and on the Dam crest
  • Construction of a new Aerator building on the crest
  • Reinstatement of the crest viewing area, including the monument
  • Installation of new information boards throughout the sire
  • Reconnection of the High Voltage feed to the Dam
  • Revegetation works across the site and maintenance within the works area
  • Amenities improvements within the campground, including upgrades to the main toilet block


Upper Yarra Reservoir is located east of Melbourne and is approximately 23 km from Warburton, located in the Reefton township. Upper Yarra Reservoir stores water from the catchment to provide to the drinking water supply network. It is also an important link between our water supply network and largest dam, Thomson Reservoir.

Constructed in 1957, Upper Yarra Reservoir is a rolled earthfill and rockfill embankment with a clay core.

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Last updated:
22 October 2021