Alert: Following the earthquake on 22 September, Melbourne Water has enacted our rapid response and inspection program for all of our critical assets – including dams - across our areas of operation. Follow our updates.

We’re releasing environmental water into the Tarago and Bunyip rivers in February and March, to maintain water quality and animal habitat.

Water reserved for the environment is used to maintain waterway health by mimicking the pattern of natural flows. These releases, also known as ‘summer freshes’, aim to maintain water quality and fish habitat during hot, dry conditions. They also prevent vegetation from encroaching into the waterway channel, which would otherwise reduce its width and ability to convey water –  impacting the waterway's ability to provide habitat and reduce flooding.

What the releases involve

Monitoring of the Tarago and Bunyip rivers is showing that they have not received sufficient flows to support the plants and animals that live in them.

Each ‘summer fresh’ release will use about 370 megalitres (370 million litres) of water from the river’s Environmental Entitlement. Water will be released from Tarago Reservoir, resulting in water levels rising no more than 40cm along the waterway.

More information

To learn more about why this work is important and other ways we’re managing this precious resource, visit our water for the environment webpage.

Last updated:
5 May 2020