Alert: Following the earthquake on 22 September, Melbourne Water has enacted our rapid response and inspection program for all of our critical assets – including dams - across our areas of operation. Follow our updates.

We’re planning to release environmental water into the Tarago and Bunyip rivers around late April to early May to support fish breeding.

Water reserved for the environment is used to maintain waterway health by mimicking the pattern of natural flows. This release, also known as an ‘autumn high’, aims to trigger the migration of Australian Grayling fish down to the sea to spawn, after which the eggs and larvae drift out to sea. The juvenile fish spend about six months in the sea before they migrate upstream.

What the release involves

Monitoring of the Tarago and Bunyip Rivers is showing that they have not received sufficient flows to support the plants and animals that live in them.

Up to 700 megalitres (700 million litres) of water will be released from Tarago Reservoir into the Tarago River system over a two-week period. During this time, river levels between the Tarago Reservoir and the estuary may be up to 30–40 cm higher, which is within the river’s usual level of variance.

More information

To learn more about why this work is important and other ways we’re managing this precious resource, visit our water for the environment webpage.

Last updated:
25 August 2020