Melbourne Water is working through the approval process to develop a new solar farm in close proximity to the Winneke Water Treatment Plant in Christmas Hills. 

Aerial image of Sugarloaf Reservoir and the Winneke Water Treatment Plant
The Winneke Water Treatment Plant is located near the Sugarloaf Reservoir, Christmas Hills

Here at Melbourne Water, we are committed to reducing our net carbon emissions to 50% of baseline levels by 2025 and examining a pathway to zero by 2030. Establishing the proposed onsite solar farm to help power the Winneke Water Treatment Plant is a practical way to cut our greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

What’s happening and when

Pending planning approval, the proposed solar farm is to be located close to Melbourne Water's Winneke Water Treatment Plant and generate renewable electricity to help meet the plant's power needs. 

Another solar farm, designed to help power the Eastern Treatment Plant in Carrum Downs has recently been approved, and construction commenced earlier this year. 

The proposed solar farm at Christmas Hills, and the currently being constructed farm at Carrum Downs, are initiatives to help meet our ambitious emissions reduction goal, alongside other projects including hydro and biogas power stations and transitioning our car fleet to zero-emissions vehicles. 

Location map of proposed solar farm at Christmas Hills

Last updated:
14 September 2021