Alert: Following the earthquake on 22 September, Melbourne Water has enacted our rapid response and inspection program for all of our critical assets – including dams - across our areas of operation. Follow our updates.

Melbourne Water has undertaken rehabilitation works on the Marina Road Main Drain, located on Mentone Dog Beach, to keep the drain functioning well into the future.

The rehabilitation works follow emergency works undertaken after a flood during high rainfall in 2018 caused a drain failure. These works were completed to ensure the continued integrity of the drain and safety of beach users.

What’s happening and when

The nature of these works required a section of the beach to be fenced off for their duration. The Beach Promenade Path that runs along the beach remained open throughout the works.


Works started on the week beginning 13 April and ended June 2020.


The drain is located approximately 250 metres north of the Mentone Lifesaving Club.

Map of project site, showing construction along Beach Promenade and storage north of Mentone Lifesaving Club

What to expect

You may have noticed:

  • heavy machinery movements on the beach within the work zone
  • fenced-off work zone and site compound
  • storage of equipment and heavy machinery in site compound overnight. 

Work hours were within EPA guidelines from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 1pm Saturday. Work hours may have varied day-to-day to accommodate the timing of high and low tides. Weekend work was not scheduled, but if it was required affected residents were notified before commencement.

Melbourne Water worked closely with all major stakeholders and organisations regarding these works including City of Kingston, local residents and businesses, Mentone Lifesaving Club, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and others.

Safety was of paramount concern as Melbourne Water carried out these works.

Contact us

For more information please contact the project team:

[email protected]

Last updated:
22 September 2020