We are undertaking works at Police Road Wetland so it continues to treat stormwater as designed, helping to improve the quality of water entering our rivers and creeks.

Why this is important

Wetlands provide a natural way to treat and remove pollutants from stormwater before it enters our creeks, rivers and oceans. The Police Road Wetland is currently not managing stormwater in the way that it was designed to, mainly due to poor vegetation cover affecting its hydraulic performance.

What’s happening and when

The works include:

  • revegetating the Upper Cells of the wetland with appropriate aquatic plants
  • preparing the Lower Cells for revegetation, by completing earthworks to achieve appropriate water depths and conditions for aquatic plants to thrive 

To access the site for these works, a number of melaleuca trees will be removed and water levels in the wetlands will be temporarily lowered.


Works commenced in December 2019 and are expected to take approximately six months to complete.

What to expect

We do not expect these works to have any major impacts on the local community or environment, and will make every effort to minimise them should they occur.

Residents and visitors to the reserve may notice:

  • increased activity in the area
  • some increased noise
  • potential for dust; dust suppression activities will be carried out as needed
  • changes to site access (via Eastlink or Illawarra Avenue); traffic management will be in place as required.
Last updated:
29 September 2020