We’re shading, cooling and greening Edithvale Wetlands to make them enjoyable for more days of the year, enhancing amenity for the local community as part of our Urban Cooling Program.

Why this is important

Tree canopy creates shade from the summer sun, improving the comfort of cyclist and pedestrians. When it is warm and sunny, tree shade alone can make it feel 10 degrees cooler.

By creating tree canopy over a walking and cycling trail, this project is:

  • enabling the trail to be enjoyed for more days of the year
  • improving access for recreation
  • improving community health and wellbeing.

What this project involved

We collaborated with the Friends of Edithvale–Seaford Wetlands group to select plant species and planting locations that will:

  • create shade along paths
  • enhance biodiversity habitat
  • retain lines of sight across the area.  

As part of this project, we planted 200 native trees (Australian Oaks, Peppermints and Manna Gums) along paths connecting to a local bus stop and the Wetland Education Centre to create shade for walkers and joggers. We’ve also planted 4,000 native shrubs to provide habitat for birds.

This project is supported by Kingston City Council, and forms part of our Urban Cooling Program – which aims to transform 30 hectares of public land with shade and cooling by 2021.

About our Urban Cooling Program

We’re working with stakeholders and the community to transform public land across Melbourne, creating greener and cooler spaces that can be enjoyed for more days of the year.

This can be done by planting trees and vegetation for shade, and providing water to improve vegetation health and evapotranspiration – or both. Vegetation and water used to cool green space can also:

  • provide habitat
  • improve amenity
  • help manage stormwater flows into waterways.

In 2018 we delivered 24 hectares of shade at Jacana and Edithvale wetlands. We plan to deliver a further six hectares in public places across Melbourne by 2021.

Learn more about why we’re giving Melbourne shade.

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Last updated:
29 September 2020